North Light Photographic Studio Prints for Sale

These photo studio negatives, formerly held by the CREHST Museum, have been put into storage until a plan is developed to decide how to preserve them. These negatives were destined to be destroyed but were salvaged by a generous contribution from Technical Training Mall LLC ( If you are interested in helping with the development of a plan to preserve this collection contact Susan Davis Faulkner at .

This collections contains about 16,000 names in 8,000 photo packets dated August 1979 to August 2001. The packets have been indexed under each name found on or in the negative packet.

To check this resource, search on the person's name using the search box below or open the page for the proper letter and scan the list of names. The location provided is for the person initiating the photo request. It could be a current location or it could be a future location (e.g. weddings).

For more information about the types of photograph included, the cities included and the years photos were taken, see Photo Type Summary, City of Residence Summary, and Year Summary.

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