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Tri-City Herald Obituaries

This is an index of obituaries for the Tri-City area from January 2000 through February 2016. All obituaries are from the local Tri-City Herald newspaper. See their web site for the most recent death notices (last 2-4 days) and obituaries (last 90 days).

Each entry provides the name, including nickname, maiden name and other last names, age, birth place, death place and the dates of publication. Newer entries have dates clearly marked as “Death Notice” and “Obituary” while older records are labeled as “Published”.

The obituary information is organized by current surname. You can search on maiden name or other last names by using the search box below. You can scan the obituaries using one of the links below.

To obtain a copy of an obituary:

  • For any obituary indexed here or for the most recent obituaries and death notices use the Look-ups option on our Research page to prepare your request. Obituaries and death notices are collected continuously and posted here 3-4 times per year.
  • For older obituaries and death notices use the Multiple Requests and Larger Projects option on our Research page to prepare your request.

Or contact the research committee for guidance in submitting your request.

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