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General Electric ran the Hanford Reservation for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) from 1949 through 1964. The GE Newsletters, a publication of 8-10 pages per issue, contained company news, awards, etc. and many pictures. The GE Newsletters for 1959 - 1964 are available at the Mid-Columbia Library in Kennewick.

Featured in this publication you will find photographs of the family member who worked at Hanford. A sampling of the type of caption you will find are:

  • From 19 April 1963, Page 8

    Ethel R. Hurst, a well known Reservations & Traffic Audit Specialist in CE&U will retire the first of next month after 15 years with the General Electric Company. A native of Buffalo, New York, Ethel plans to make her permanent home in Richland. Though she has been closely connected with travel over the past years, she plans to spend most of her time with her hobbies of photography, boating, painting, and gardening.

  • From 28 June 1963, page 8

    Meet Vern Belliston, Chief Power Operator at Hanford. [Many pictures with captions accompany this article. Transcribed here is just one of four captions]. Before the upstairs fireplace of their new home, Vern and David, 12, serenade other members of the Belliston family, Joan, 15, Debra, 7, Linda, 18, Brian, 7 months, and Vern's wife, Leora. Eldest daughter Erlynn, 21 is working in Salt Lake City. Vern, a long-time musician, once played professional saxophone in a dance band for 1 1/2 years in Utah.

  • From 6 December 1963, Page 7

    Four Hanford men, who took part in startup of the Oak Ridge X-10 Reactor, were also there last month to see it shut down after 20 years of operation. The four were H.M. Parker, Manager, HL, C.C. Gamertsfelder, Consulting Radiological Scientist, HL; H.L. Henry, Manager, Experimental Reactors, HL, and M.C. Leverett, Manager, Research and Engineering, NRD. In this photo, Parker (right) who headed ORNL health physics 20 years ago, met with former senior associates Gamertsfelder; Dr. Karl Z. Morgan, currently head of the ORNL Health Physics Division, and Technician Merle Williams Johnson. Mrs. Johnson's twin sister, Nannie Dickinson, came to Hanford in 1944 and worked for more than 11 years in the radiological science organizations.

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