A Look Back: Pictures From Earlier Days

On Sundays the Tri-City Herald published a column titled “A Look Back: …”. It includes 3 short sections titled “10 years ago”, “25 years ago” and “50 years ago” which highlight facts from that year. Sometimes A Look Back also includes a photograph with a caption identifying the people.

Other times you will find full historical articles on various topics. Examples include an article about finding the old brand book in the Franklin County Courthouse, “Permanent Tri-Citians” (about 2 cemeteries in the area) and an article about the 1958 Bombers basketball team.

Below are the publication dates and a summary of some of the articles that have included pictures valuable to genealogists.

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Year Date Description
2013 May 26 Mrs Lucille Stevens, office supervisor for the Kennewick Police Department, … when this photo was published Jan 4, 1973.
May 19 Contractor Marc Williams puts a level to one of the treated poles that support this house that was built in Finley. … This photo was published July 28, 1978. Jim and Arzetta Fisher bought the 2,100 square-foot home for about $44,000.
May 12 First-grader Carla Perez of St. Patrick's School in Pasco has her headphones adjusted by Sister Mary Luke of Los Angeles during her visit to the school on Oct. 26, 1967. She and Sister St. Charles were visiting …
Apr 14 Officer Ervin L Haws, Richland Police Department jailer, prepared to pop a couple of TV dinners into the oven for his “guests.” The frozen dinners are inexpensive and save a lot of bookkeeping and dish washing, said Police Chief Robert Marshall. This photo was published Feb. 17, 1965.
Apr 07 John Yegge displayed one of his computer games that teach the fundamentals of energy that was on exhibit in the lobby of the Richalnd Federal Building in this photo published Jun 29, 1978.
Mar 03 Stan Forest hangs onto a ring in the nose of a mechanical bull developed for a rodeo speciality act in this photo published April 4, 1982. That's a dummy back at the wheel.
Feb 17 Five Tri-City Bowlers sought to recapture past glory in this photo phblished Mar 26, 1976 … The team from the left, Al Turya, Virgil Morgan, Ed Pritschard, Frank Requist and ER Keplinger.
Feb 10 Ed Reed of Kennewick didn't chicken out when he was asked to paint this 65-foot-high bucket outside a fast food franchise on Kennewick Avenue… This photo originally was published July 23, 1976.
Jan 20 In this photo published Mar 11, 1973, a model of the proposed Pasco-Kennewick intercity bridge – now known as the cable bridge – was looked over by Ed Hendler.
Jan 13 Robert Angel of Seattle, the inventor of the game Pictionary, coaxes customers to play his game during an autograph session … from left, Veronica Denslow of Pasco, Jan Harmon of Prosser, Julie Larson of Kennewick and Lynn Simmelink of Kennewick tried the game in this photo published Dec 9, 1985.
2012 Dec 30 Marjorie Corsiglia, a Kennewick Seamstress and authority on customs of the Elizabethan period, described life in the 16th century England to Kamiakin High School students in this photo published April 15, 1983.
Dec 02 George Laking, standing, president of the Mid-Columbia Wargaming Society, gave strategic advice at a club meeting in March 1978. At left is Lee Sherman, club Secretary. Bob Reinardt, wearing hat, looked on while the club vice-president enjoyed a slice of pizza.
Nov 25 Leslie Loper of Richland drops a line into Casey Pond, south of Pasco, in this photo, published Jan 17, 1960 that shows there were winter sports to be enjoyed.
Oct 28 Elwin Ackerman, A Benton PUD lineman, leans over traffic on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick to fix a power line 40 feet above the ground in this photo published Dec 10, 1974.
Oct 07 Carolyn Lutton, left, and Ann Pack removed drawers from the card catalog at the Kennewick Branch of Mid-Columbia Libraries as they begin the process of phasing out the old card system in this photo published Feb 8, 1981.
Sep 23 Jeffery Boynton and Patrick Baldwin of Pasco practiced with paper bag puppets Carolyn Lutton, right, will use to dramatize stories at the Pasco and Kennewick libraries. This photo was published Sep 28, 1975.
Aug 12 Marty Abken bull-dogging at the July 4, 1936 rodeo in Kennewick.
Jul 29 Chester Fox walks the tracks with a maul resting on his shoulder looking for signs of trouble as he inspects the tracks at the Burlington Northern hump yard in Pasco in this photo published Nov 11, 1983.
Jul 15 Clyde Burns, Othello central office equipment man, checks part of 500 miles of wire in an office service telephone users in 1975.
Jun 24 Monte Benham, foreground, and Glenn Taylor worked on their new high-speed computer language with a mini computer in Taylor's Kennewick basement in this photo published Mar 26, 1973.
Jun 10 Cort Lechelt, owner of Desert Block Masonry, uses an impromptu desk of concrete blocks in this photo published May 16, 1989.
May 27 Tom McQuire and Jim Cooley are preparing to auction 36 used vehicles …during the annual Richland City Auction on Oct 22, 1977.
Apr 15 Children's library Chris Livingston demonstrating telling a story to Ian Foster & his mother Teri Robertson, published Jan 15, 1983.
Mar 11 Chris Wrench of Richland shown in this photo published Mar 2, 1985, was taking advantage of the windy day by sailing his skateboard through the parking lot at Howard Amon Park.
Feb 26 Head Start teacher Kate Burdick leads a group of students at the old Spaulding school in Richland…This photo was published March 14, 1984.
Feb 12 Lt Lee Fisher and Executive Officer David McDonald, Civil Air Patrol receive a search-and-rescue plane. Mar 13, 1966.
Jan 29 Sharon O'Claire and Cathy Sinclair, students at Christ the King School in Richland. June 6, 1980.
2011 Dec 25 Joey Yang and Kim Shrader, both 3 years old when this photo was published on May 20, 1980 began their Suzuki violin lesson by practicing on imitation instruments made from paper boxes with a ruler attached.
Dec 04 Ed Hendler viewing the model of the Pasco-Kennewick intercity (cable) bridge. Photo dated 3/11/1973.
Nov 06 Carolyn Lutton searching through a stack of books, films, records, magazines and cassettes available in libraries. This photo was published Nov 15,1979.
Oct 16 Stan Forest hangs onto a ring in the nose of a mechanical bull developed for a rodeo speciality act in this photo published April 4, 1982. That a Dummy back at the wheel.
Jul 31 Sister Mary Dana, principal of Christ The King School in Richland and John Honstead, Battelle Northwest, reviewed plans for a diet study… This photo was published on April 13, 1966.
Jul 10 Pasco's Jerry Durham wheeled his 1920 Cadillac roadster into the middle of the Pasco Library … in this photo published Jun 10, 1969.
Jul 03 Etta Hacker's studio dancers presented a cavalcade of dance styles … in this photo published May 29, 1975. From left to right are Lisa Jones, Tina Faulhaber, Ann Shaw and Chris Redike were among the six first-placed trophy winners from a Northwest Dance Competition in Portland performing a patriotic tap number.
Jun 05 Barbara Gore, Richland Public Library worker, showed Bud Schaffer, a member of the Friends organization, how the new electric typewriter works in this photo published Jul 29, 1980.
Feb 20 Susie Hall, drum major for the Kamiakin High School marching band leads the way down Fourth Avenue in the 1977 Benton-Franklin County Fair parade in Pasco.
Jan 23 Mildred Mangun, at right taught citizenship classes sponsored by the Pasco Woman's Club in the basement rooms of the Carnegie Library I the 1940s.
2010 Sep 05 Fellow students at Kamiakin would know just by looking whether Tony Zilar, a senior lineman on the football team, is coming or going. Beautician Sandra Kay Schmidt applies finishing touches … Photo dated 31 Aug 1982.
Dec 12 Rick Hardy, chief pilot at Tri-City Airways, Inc., is enthusiastic about his work. His job is teaching these Tri-City wives to fly … Mrs Brent (Gail) Bohall, Pasco; Mrs Leland (Eleanor) Carlisle, Pasco; Mrs Ernest (Marian) McDowell, West Richland. The photo was published Feb 16, 1964.
Dec 05 Mabel Smith Mills and John Smith, her brother in a large group in front of the Amon Arch in Richland about 1918-1919.
Nov 21 Bert Wilson checks a gun tagged as evidence while his wife Gracie writes a report in the squad room of the Pasco Police Department in this photo published on Sep 19, 1983.
Sep 12 Duane Plank of Kennewick shows off the still he developed to convert old tires into oil. Undated photo.
Aug 29 Sgt T.S. Stout of the Richland Police Department on May 1,1965.
Aug 08 Reta Munyan of Kahlotus & Fred Palahnuik's wedding ceremony on the front of a Burlington Northern engine. June 3, 1978.
Jun 06 Claude Dixon, a shepherd in the Royal Slope area, is shown with his dogs in this photo dated Apr 1, 1979
May 02 Alice Barnett of West Richland removes a length of steel pipe she bent with a machine as she worked making tire carriers for Brute Metal Projects. This photo was published June 12, 1977.
Apr 25 Lotte Lampson, photo taken Nov 17, 1974.
Mar 14 Indian relics line the walls of Guy C. Gilbert's museum, located behind his home … photo was published Nov 4, 1954.
Feb 14 The Kamiakin High School cheerleaders, photo 16 Jul 1982, including Robin Craker, Janee Lee and Cherry Cabinella, Heidi Jelsing, Kelly Ennis and Sharon MacGettingan.
Jan 10 Sister Mary Margaret Jane, principal at Christ the King School in Richland. Photo from Jan 6, 1960.
2009 Dec 13 Tony Schab, Cascade Airways station manager, stands beside the computer used in making reservations for flights at the Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco in this photo published in 1975.
Oct 11 In this photo published Oct 19, 1983, Jill Sumarraga, right, smiles as Carrie Newton taps out her name on a computer keyboard, …
Sep 27 Jim Accuntius flying errands at lunch, published in 1976.
Sep 06 Benton County Deputy Sheriff Ken Smith accepting a $700 check for the department's K-9 fund drive from an unusual delegation of dogs in this photo published in 1982.
May 17 The Wayne Hayley family in their mobile home in the Trailer City Park in Richland, taken May 27, 1976.
Mar 15 Del Bunch bought into the Royal Cab business in Pasco in 1947… Bunch is shown in one of his taxis in this photo published March 12, 1978.
Feb 08 Horse trainer Wayne Beus with horse Milk River, taken Jan 3, 1968.
Jan 25 George Sheppard of Kennewick, shown in this photo published Jan 27, 1980, has been a local resident for a long time. He arrived in Kennewick with his family in 1918 when he was 9 years old. Shepard has been compiling his memories for the East Benton Historical Society.
2008 Dec 07 Pat Merrill, Richland first mayor in 1958 and a photograph of the first Richland City Council (but unfortunately no names).
Nov 23 Richland Police Chief Harry Strock, JE Travis, manager of Hanford Operations for the Atomic Energy Commission and Officer TR Stout in a photo from Oct 4, 1955.
Sep 21 Members of the first ever Richland High state champion basketball team are, from left, CW Brown, Bill Roe, LeeRoy Parchen, Dick Nelson, Jim Castleberry, Pat Crook, Bob Frick, Mike McKeown and Jim Warren
Sep 21 The 1957-58 Richland Bombers are, from row from left, Dick Nelson, Jim Walton, Manager Bill Porter, coach Art Dawald, manager Jerry Yates, CW Brown, Pat Crook. Back row, Jim Castleberry, LeeRoy Parchen, Jim Warren, John Meyers, Bill Gill, Mike McKeown, Bob Frick and Bill Roe.
Sep 21 Richland Senior guard, Jim Castleberry (24) goes up for a shot against a Lewis & Clark defender during the 1958 state championship game.
Sep 21 The victorious Richland Bombers surround coach Art Dawald and show off their trophy after beating Lewis & Clark in the Class AA state championship March 15, 1958.
Jun 08 Mrs Eva Lund and Mrs Alene Wagner, employees of the Prosser Packers shown in a 17 Jun 1956 photo.
Jun 01 E D McClanahan in a June 23, 1957 photo inspecting a sail plane he and Paul Palmer built. Both men were GE Chemists & built the plane from a kit.
May 18 Mr & Mrs Fern Crane of Sunnyside cut the cake at the 75th anniversary of Franklin County in a Nov 24 1958 picture (reprinted in the 18 May 2008 “A Look Back: A Franklin County First”. They were the first couple married in the courthouse on 14 June 1913.
Apr 27 Ed Burnet of Richland sitting in the gyro-glider he built. Originally published 22 Aug 1955
Mar 16 Marlene Morton was a candidate for Water Festival Queen for the 1954 Richland Yacht Festival. She is pictured standing on the dock holding a line to a boat. Photo taken 9 May 1954.
Feb 28 Elizabeth Owen Enger holding the dress she wore for her high school graduation from Kennewick High School in 1917. Photo take Aug 16, 1964.
Feb 10 The Richland High School class of 1936 including Thad Grosscup, Walter Carlsan, Ross Harding, Roy Hackney, Jim Schiffner, Mary Supplee, Helen Millard, Ethyle Mann, Arva Weidle, Jerry Dam, Tina Marsh, Emma Larsen, Leila Kurth, Mr Carmichael, Mildred Koehler and Lois Keithly.
Jan 06 A 1954 photo of Public Utility District (PUD) workman Bob Sandusky feeding cable under the highway to Walla Walla.
2007 Jul 01 A long article titled “Sweet Treats in the mail” about the Olmstead family of cherry growers in Grandview.
Jun 24 A January 22, 1962 picture of Basil Adams and his children on the frozen Casey Pond south of Burbank, WA.
Jun 03 50 years ago: The first individual property owners in the Atom city of Richland are Mr. and Mrs. Jess Stice, who purchased a vacant lot at 2125 Harris for $2050. A total of 57 persons were given priority to buy vacant lots”.
Jun 03 June 19, 1961 photograph of Scott Robinson, Dennis Staley and Greg Robinson as young boys finding a way to keep from getting their feet scorched while returning from the municipal pool.
May 27 A 1936 photo of the champion basketball players (girls) of Richland High School. They are Jerry Dam, Emma Larsen, Ethyle Mann, Helen Millard, Dorothy Hollman, Margaret Barnett, Hazel Middleton and Mrs. Lois Dighton, coach.
May 06 Only a few farmers in the area had a threshing machine in the early 1900s … This photo shows the machine belowing to the Anderson Brothers.
Apr 01 Don Gagnon 19, left and Steve Curd, 19, of Richland, brought easy chairs to watch the Atomic Cup races from atop a van in this July 26, 1971 photo.
Feb 11 This photo, dating from 1926 or 1927, shows a portable cookhouse used in a harvest on the Hart ranch east of Connell.
Jan 14 A 1925 picture of the Fruitvale school, located in what is now North Richland. The school housed 5 grades and had a single teacher. The picture is of the class in front of the school.
2006 Jul 16 “A Look Back: A chip off the old block” includes a photo of Jim Yamauchi, foreman at the Burlington Northern ice house in Pasco (photo is undated) but ice making halted in 1973.
Jun 18 A 1965 photograph of the First Methodist Church in Benton City. At the time it was one of eight churches in the city.
Feb 19 “A Look Back: Plymouth 1953 – The outback years” includes a photograph from Aug 30, 1953.
2005 Oct 23 “Permanent Tri-Citians, an article about the Cityview Cemetery in Pasco and Riverview Heights Cemetery in Kennewick.
2004 Oct 03 A “50 years ago” article about the Twin City Creamery of Kennewick.
Sep 19 A 1970 picture of the Sea First National Bank in downtown Pasco. Plus a “50 years ago” article about the Camp Hanford (Army) band leading the Benton City Mardi Gras parade.
Sep 06 An article titled “Kennewick 100 Years: They Made a Difference”. It includes short sketches of Joe Osborne (includes a photo of Joe on a haystack in 1930) and Bob Rupp (includes a small photo of Bob).
Aug 22 “Zillah entrepreneur serves up custom bike frames”, an article about Oscar Camarena.
Mar 13 A front page article titled “Recovering records: Pasco courthouse employees find vault of old documents”. One of the documents recovered was the brand book.
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