World War I Draft Registrants Index A or B

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with A or B are:

Name Age Registration Location
Abken, Theodore 30 Richland
Acers, Bion Thornton 36 Prosser
Adams, Benjamin Allen 21 Kennewick
Adams, Ernest Eugene 27 Kennewick
Adams, Jefferson Dexter Bell 39 Kennewick
Afdem, Henry Alfred 38 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Akridge, Roby 22 Kennewick
Albrecht, Edwin Eric 19 Kennewick
Albro, Edward Lewis 21 Prosser
Alexander, Cantwell Johnson 35 Prosser
Alfonso, Nick 23 Badger
Allen, Doff Theodore 18 Benton City
Allen, Harry Delbert 20 Benton City
Allen, Orvile Vear 24 Prosser
Allen, Roe C 23 Prosser
Allen, Stephen Alexander 32 Prosser
Allen, William Roy 27 Richland
Alley, James William 45 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Allison, John Rhoades 44 Prosser
Allyn, Harry J 38 Kennewick
Almendinger, William John 28 Richland
Alsbury, James Oscar 42 Benton City
Altrogge, William Fred 36 Kennewick
Amon, William H 32 Kennewick
Anderson, Charles 43 Richland
Anderson, Charles Alfred 40 White Bluffs
Anderson, Charles Christien 36 Horse Heaven
Anderson, Chester L 24 Horse Heaven
Anderson, Colonel Joseph 36 Prosser
Anderson, Curtis James 29 Kennewick
Anderson, Edmund 39 White Bluffs
Anderson, Ernest Walter 21 Prosser
Anderson, George Olaf 19 Prosser
Anderson, George Oscar 40 Kennewick
Anderson, Henry Gust 21 Prosser
Anderson, Hugh Nicholas 45 Kennewick
Anderson, James Andrew 39 Prosser
Anderson, John Andrew 18 Kiona
Anderson, John Gustave Albin 36 Richland
Anderson, Martin B 41 Richland
Anderson, Oscar Herman 33 Richland
Anderson, Oscar Young 45 Richland
Anderson, William Henry 30 Richland
Angel, Earnest Lee 37 Prosser
Angell, Edwin Marcus 40 Finley
Angle, George Nelson 44 White Bluffs
Angle, William Sewell 30 White Bluffs
Anglin, Norman Preston 40 Hanford
Annis, Louis Laroy 22 Kennewick
Appel, Edward James 44 Prosser
Appenzeller, Clarence Adolph 22 Kennewick
Archambault, Oswald Joe 25 Prosser
Areno, James 26 Kennewick
Armocost, Roy Edward 33 Benton City
Armstrong, Homer Alva 24 Richland
Arney, Clarence Marion 34 Prosser
Arrestouilh, Germain 37 Richland
Arsneau, Leo Frank 21 Prosser
Asal, Lewis Herman 44 Prosser
Ashbaugh, Benjamin H 27 Kennewick
Ashley, Benjamin Welch 37 Prosser
Ashmead, Uel J 44 Prosser
Atchison, Aldbert B 40 Plymouth
Atterbury, John Woods 30 Kennewick
Attridge, Robert 42 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Atwell, Edger John 33 Prosser
Austin, Levi Fulham 27 Beverly
Ayers, John Roley 39 Hover
Azaret, Mike 22 Badger
Baba, Kazuo 21 Portland OR
Bachman, Fred John 26 Kennewick
Badger, Kenneth Ivan 19 White Bluffs
Baierlipp, Louis 26 Kennewick
Bailey, Robert Lee 37 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Bailie, Elbert Levi 21 Richland
Bain, Murray Donaldson 18 Prosser
Baker, Alfred August 35 Benton City
Baker, Bert 29 Prosser
Baker, Gaither 24 Prosser
Baker, William Daniel 35 Kennewick
Baker, William Leroy 23 Prosser
Bakheit, John 39 White Bluffs
Balenzano, John 21 Prosser
Balfour, Myron Marcus 21 Richland
Bannon, William Thomas 42 Prosser
Barg, Edwin 27 Kennewick
Barge, Cecil Edmund 21 White Bluffs
Barker, Elbridge Arthur 30 Prosser
Barnard, Edmond Winfield 35 Richland
Barnes, Ralph Glenn 18 Kennewick
Bauer, Arthur 22 Prosser
Baxter, Eugene Lintner 44 Kennewick
Beamer, Harry Alfred 41 Kennewick
Bean, Herbert E 41 Prosser
Beck, Walter Lee 40 Prosser
Beckland, Oscar Alfred 36 Prosser
Beers, Frank Irwin 43 Prosser
Behrmann, Armin Henry 18 Kennewick
Behrmann, Emil Henry 21 Kennewick
Beinhart, Orin 21 Kennewick
Bell, James Milton 45 Kennewick
Bell, Morton Stevenson 40 Byron, Yakima Co.
Bellemin, Antoine 45 Prosser
Bellida, Louigi 24 Kennewick
Bellinger, Clyde Asa 43 Prosser
Benjamin, Loyd Kenton 26 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Bennett, Byron Ellsworth 26 Prosser
Bennett, Carl Edwin 35 Kennewick
Bennett, Frank Leslie 24 Prosser
Bennett, Howard Clark 28 Prosser
Benson, Harry Cromwell 38 Prosser
Benson, Jesse Alvin 43 Prosser
Bentley, Charles Marshall 37 Kennewick
Bentley, Frank Maitland 35 Kennewick
Bentley, John Frances 39 Benton City
Berch, Emil 41 Richland
Berg, Clarence Edward 24 Hanford
Berg, Fred Gilbert 26 Kennewick
Bergagna, Battista 44 Hanford
Berghouse, Harry 44 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Bernard, Herbert James 23 Richland
Bernatti, John Henry 20 Kennewick
Berndt, Walter Aidren 33 Prosser
Berutchos, Jim 39/40 Prosser
Besas, John 34 Prosser
Besse, Herbert Leroy 30 Prosser
Besse, Loren Leonard 36 Prosser
Beste, Frank Fred 37 Kennewick
Beverly, William 21 Kennewick
Bezaitis, Athanasios 45 Prosser
Bier, Alexander 39 Kennewick
Bier, Fred George 43 Richland
Biggs, Al Edwin 19 Prosser
Bird, Vernon Willard 37 Kennewick
Bishop, William Isaac 35 Prosser
Bixby, Clarence Wilson 21 Richland
Bjorklund, Ernest Hemond 37 Kennewick
Bjur, Oscar 35 Kennewick
Blache, Pierre 38 White Bluffs
Blackler, Harry Marion 21 Hanford
Blaes, John Bernard 45 Paterson
Blair, Fred George 40 Kennewick
Blair, Orville James 20 Prosser
Blair, Robert Earle 19 Prosser
Blair, Verner Elverton 21 Prosser
Blakely, Warren Latimer 35 Plymouth
Blaker, Ernest William 25 Richland
Blanco, Manuel 45 Mottenger
Bliss, Jay Lincoln 26 Kennewick
Bliss, Lewis E 28 Kennewick
Blodgett, Clark Edgar 39 Kennewick
Boatman, Charles Elvis 34 Richland
Bodie, John Joseph 42 Richland
Boehme, Fredrich William 28 Prosser
Boehmer, Robert Lee 24 Plymouth
Boettcher, William Ferdinand 43 Richland
Bogstad, Berger Andrew 21 Prosser
Boie, William George 18 Hanford
Bois, James Burdett 20 Kennewick
Boldt, Elmer 21 Kennewick
Boldt, Herbert A 24 Kennewick
Boldt, Raymond Alfred 23 Kennewick
Boley, Charles Wilbert 27 Richland
Bollmier, Louis August 35 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Bolton, Harold James 25 Prosser
Bolton, Oliver Buckingham 22 Prosser
Bond, Reuben Arthur 38 Kennewick
Bondanese, Vito 30 Prosser
Bone, William Bryan 21 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Bonn, Frank Joseph 44 Hanford
Bonn, Grover Arthur 25 White Bluffs
Boone, Claude 44 Prosser
Boone, Daniel Elmer 38 Prosser
Borden, Archibald William 20 White Bluffs
Borden, Loyal Irving 19 Hanford
Borgen, Delbert Clarence 27 Kennewick
Borst, William 40 Kennewick
Boumgurtner, Joe 26 Richland
Bowers, Meryl Vane 18 Kennewick
Bowles, Ervin Thomas 43 Kennewick
Boyce, Lyle V 21 Kennewick
Boyle, Lon 35 Prosser
Bradetic, Johan 25 Slum Istrea, Austria
Bradford, Chester 25 Prosser
Brainard, Alfred Melvin 41 Prosser
Branch, Stephen F 30 Kennewick
Breede, Harry Roger 24 White Bluffs
Bremmer, Ralph Humphrey 22 Kennewick
Brewer, Howard Nelson 38 Kennewick
Briggs, Clarence Edwin 38 Hanford
Briggs, Richard Henry 41 Kennewick
Brockhausen, Theodore E 40 Prosser
Brog, John Albert 26 Kennewick
Brooks, Cyril Lester 18 Hanford
Brooks, Donald Isaac 20 Benton City
Brooks, James Edward 36 Benton City
Brooks, Lovic Tillery 45 Hanford
Brown, Adam 41 Prosser
Brown, Andrew 45 Prosser
Brown, Archie Claude 32 Kennewick
Brown, Arthur 43 Kennewick
Brown, Cecil 24 Kennewick
Brown, Charles 34 Prosser
Brown, Emile Clinton 45 Kennewick
Brown, Gentry West 25 Kennewick
Brown, Guy L 24 Kiona
Brown, John Lockie 29 White Bluffs
Brown, Joseph Bryson 43 Kennewick
Brown, Percy Clarence 23 Richland
Brown, Roy Clinton 20 Prosser
Brown, Walker Norton 37 Hanford
Browne, Tecumseh Charlie 40 Kennewick
Browning, William Horace 35 Kiona
Brue, Ole Anderson 40 Kennewick
Brunberg, Ernest Carl 18 Prosser
Buchanan, Burke 21 Kennewick
Buchanan, Thomas Alexander 24 Kennewick
Buckholdt, DeWitt Charles 26 Hanford
Buckholtz, Bennie 25 Prosser
Buhrmester, Fred William 37 Prosser
Bullock, Charles Edgar 21 Prosser
Bulman, Icey James 26 Wenatchee
Bulman, Icey James 24 Wenatchee
Bundy, Getchal Graden 28 Prosser
Bunje, Theadore Henry 37 Hanford
Bunn, Donald Charles 36 Prosser
Bunnell, Otis 40 Prosser
Burch, David Jaines (Jairus?) 43 Hanford
Burdett, Thomas Earl 28 Hover
Burford, Gustavus Ernest 25 Leicester, England
Burnett, Carroll Conklin 30 Hanford
Burris, Charley Allen 40 Finley
Burrows, Hugh Dudley 24 Prosser
Busby, Harry 22 Prosser
Bush, Clyde Walter 22 Finley
Butler, Henry Vernon 25 Kennewick
Butterfield, Ben H 34 Prosser
Byrd, William Forrest 18 Kennewick
Byrn, Henry T 42 Prosser

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