World War I Draft Registrants Index C

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with C are:

Name Age Registration Location
Cady, Robert Glenn 24 Kennewick
Caldwell, Edwin Leroy 24 Prosser
Caldwell, George William 23 Prosser
Caldwell, Glen Howard 19 Prosser
Caldwell, John T 20 Richland
Caldwell, Warner William 26 Prosser
Calkins, Harry Lyman 33 Kiona
Calkins, Ralph Aretus 40 Prosser
Caluccio, Pietro 28 Kiona
Calvin, Charles Oscar 37 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Campbell, Alexander 19 Benton City
Campbell, Fred Arthur 45 Prosser
Campbell, Willard A 21 Kennewick
Canon, Earl Dewey 20 Prosser
Cantwell, Commodore Cornelius 42 Hover
Cantwell, Comodore Cornelius Jr 18 Hover
Capps, Harmon Franklin 22 Prosser
Carey, William Fred 34 Richland
Carley, Robert Moter 23 Whitcomb
Carlos, James 25 Kennewick
Carlson, Adolf 32 Prosser
Carlson, Albert 42 Richland
Carlson, Frank Gustaf 42 Richland
Carlson, Martin Carter 33 Kennewick
Carlson, Simon 38 Richland
Carman, Alvin 23 Kennewick
Carman, Everett 25 Kennewick
Carmichael, Walter Dunn 34 White Bluffs
Carnahan, Frederik 28 Prosser
Carnahan, Marvin Morris 23 Kennewick
Carothers, James Grant 20 Prosser
Carpenter, Elwin Lyman 21 Benton City
Carroll, Homer Lee 22 Prosser
Carter, Edgar 41 Kennewick
Carter, Ralph 37 Prosser
Cartledge, John Arthur 34 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Case, Clifford Sherman 19 Prosser
Case, Lando L 44 Prosser
Case, Ray Gilbert 20 Prosser
Castore, Dominick 25 Prosser
Cattedra, Saverio 21 Prosser
Caughron, Samuel Houston Drinkwater 39 Kennewick
Cawthon, Vincent 23 Prosser
Chalcraft, Robert George 18 Richland
Chapin, Claire, N 28 Kennewick
Chapman, James Bishop 36 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Chapman, Joseph Blake 43 Kennewick
Chapman, Joseph Frankling 38 Prosser
Chapman, William Delbert 41 Kennewick
Chappell, Asa R 39 Prosser
Chesley, Henry Eugene 37 Prosser
Chesley, John Clair 23 Prosser
Chesley, Swain Finch 29 Prosser
Chew, Ng Wing 21 Kennewick
Chiampas, Apostolos 41 Prosser
Childs, Arthur 35 Prosser
Childs, Clinton Robert 20 Prosser
Chipperfield, Ernest Nichols 40 Kennewick
Christensen, Carl Christian Ensvold 44 Kennewick
Christensen, Claus 18 Kennewick
Christian, Lorraine Clarence 21 Prosser
Christiansen, Chris 35 Benton City
Christiansen, William 30 Kennewick
Christianson, Dwight Fitch 27 Prosser
Christianson, Willard James 23 Prosser
Churchill, Fred L 22 Prosser
Clair, Edward William 27 Prosser
Clair, Fred 22 Prosser
Clarizio, Jim 24 Prosser
Clark, Howard Thomas 41 Richland
Clark, Lester Richard 24 Hanford
Clark, William F 21 Hanford
Clarke, Irving Henry 24 Finley
Clay, Hiram 41 Prosser
Clelanza, Tony 27 Kiona
Clement, Frank Sidway 44 Benton City
Clemons, Dalbert 35 Prosser
Clendenny, Percy 22 Kiona
Cleve, John O 39 Kennewick
Clodfelter, Henry Dewitt 42 Kennewick
Clulow, William Henry 44 Kennewick
Coan, Odos Ovosco 45 Kennewick
Coates, George 40 Kennewick
Cobb, Earl 30 Kiona
Cobb, Murray Eugene 39 White Bluffs
Cochran, Garnett How 43 Prosser
Cochran, Henry Bedford 24 Kennewick
Cochran, James Henry 38 Benton City
Cochran, John Lawry 32 Hover
Cochran, Merton William 22 Kennewick
Cochran, Roy Lusk 28 Kennewick
Cochran, Stanley Marvin 19 Kennewick
Cockrum, Crawford Bud 29 Prosser
Codding, Leslie Andrew 28 White Bluffs
Coffman, Charles Burks 42 White Bluffs
Colbert, Kenneth Charles 25 Kennewick
Cole, Bert LeRoy 29 Kennewick
Coleman, Cecil Calvert 34 White Bluffs
Coleman, Harry J 23 White Bluffs
Coleman, John Ernest 24 Kennewick
Collier, Ambrose Henry 35 Prosser
Colvin, William Burgess 43 Richland
Comer, James Crawford 45 Prosser
Compton, Alfred Raymond 30 Kennewick
Condon, Charles McVeigh 18 Hanford
Conkle, Ralph Harris 26 Hanford
Conklin, Herman L 29 Prosser
Conley, Art 19 Prosser
Conley, James Albert 44 Prosser
Conner, David Crocket 34 Prosser
Connery, Silas 26 Kennewick
Cook, Elias Columbus 24 Paterson
Cook, John William 21 Yakima
Cook, Solen Lee Otis 30 Yakima
Cooke, Vilas Jordan 22 Prosser
Copeland, Archie J 26 Kennewick
Copeland, Clarence Leo 22 Kennewick
Copeland, Glen David 24 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Copeland, Harold Lelis 21 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Copeland, Lloyd William 22 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Copeland, Ray Henry 21 Kennewick
Corbett, Raymond 25 Kennewick
Cords, Armin Gustave 21 White Bluffs
Cords, Carl Adam 41 Hanford
Cords, Emil Francis 35 White Bluffs
Cords, Herbert Fred 24 White Bluffs
Coryell, Arthur Ernest 40 Prosser
Cotton, Albert Leslie 26 Prosser
Cotton, Alfred Jamison 25 Prosser
Coulter, Guy 26 Prosser
Cowan, Charley W 37 Kennewick
Cox, Jesse William 39 Hanford
Cox, Jewell H 35 Kennewick
Cox, Lester Louis 20 Kennewick
Coyas, Pedro 27 Plymouth
Coyle, James Peter 33 Prosser
Craver, Herbert Lewis 22 Kennewick
Craver, Paul E 18 Kennewick
Crawford, Alva Clark 42 Prosser
Crawford, Baxter R 38 Prosser
Crawford, Charles Arthur 37 Kennewick
Crawford, Clareance Edwin 21 Prosser
Crawford, Cornelius B 44 Prosser
Crawford, Fred 36 Prosser
Crawford, Fred Spencer 20 Prosser
Crawford, Jack 23 Prosser
Crerar, Harry 27 Palmyra, WI
Crofton, James Nugent 22 Longview
Crook, Murvle Jackson 24 Kooskia, ID
Crooks, Asa 40 Prosser
Crooks, Robert Ray 20 Prosser
Crosby, Frank Ellsworth 35 Prosser
Crosby, James Elwood 25 Prosser
Crosby, William Henry 36 Kennewick
Cross, Quinton Elonzo 45 Benton City
Crump, John Robert 22 Kiona
Crump, Oscar Ivan 20 Kiona
Crump, Roy N 24 Kiona
Crump, Thomas W 27 Kiona
Crump, William H 29 Kiona
Crutchfield, Ralph D 23 Richland
Cullen, John Frances 33 Prosser
Culp, Arthur Munroe 36 Richland
Culp, Fred 27 Richland
Currin, George Dewey 19 Prosser
Cushman, Ernest Thomas 38 Hover

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