World War I Draft Registrants Index G or H

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with G or H are:

Name Age Registration Location
Galliher, Clarence 20 Prosser
Galliher, Ernest 24 Prosser
Gammon James Blaine 30 Kennewick
Gannon, James 43 Benton City
Garber, Martin George 22 Kennewick
Gardner, Alfred Raymond 34 Kennewick
Gardner, George E 29 Kennewick
Gardner, Irving Arthur 18 Richland
Gardner, Jay Wheeler 33 Prosser
Gardner, Joseph Roy 33 Richland
Gardner, Raymond L 21 Richland
Gartin, Cleon 33 Prosser
Gaskell, Otto J 33 Kennewick
Gasso, Jim 24 Prosser
Gaustad, John 42 Benton City
Gayman, Stanley Rains 26 Prosser
Geary, Harry Arthur 35 Prosser
Gendron, Armand Joseph 24 Prosser
Genson, John Richard Dorthy 41 Kennewick
Gerardo, Jodocus Herman George 19 Kennewick
Gest, James Forrest 33 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Giard, Fred Walter 36 Kennewick
Gibson, Charles Freeman 21 Benton City
Gifford, Kit Carson 33 Kennewick
Gilbert, John Samuel 44 Kennewick
Gilcrest, William Robert 43 Kennewick
Giles, Fred N 36 Kennewick
Giles, Leonard Robert 40 Benton City
Gilhuly, Fred 25 White Bluffs
Gilkey, Abis 33 Prosser
Gilman, George Lyman 25 Kennewick
Gilmore, Henry Guy 37 Prosser
Gilmore, James Bernard 34 Kennewick
Gladding, John Thomas Fiske 43 Kennewick
Glandon, Earl Silas 19 Prosser
Glandon, Stephen Alexander 35 Prosser
Glasow, Arthur 28 Kennewick
Glassner, Clinton William 34 Kennewick
Glassner, John Uriel 26 Kennewick
Gleason, Irving S 34 Kennewick
Goforth, John R 41 Prosser
Golland, Edward Ranson 43 Kennewick
Gordon, Robert B F 29 Kennewick
Goss, Albert Simon 35 Kennewick
Gould, Wilbur Parker 29 Prosser
Goulet, Richard 43 Prosser
Granston, Frank Oscar 36 Prosser
Granston, William Rudolph 29 Prosser
Gray, Ernest Herbert 41 Prosser
Gray, Will Lee 41 Rickland
Greathouse, Walter T 43 Prosser
Greco, Pasynale 21 Kiona
Greeley, Julius Ancle 29 Kennewick
Greene, Ernest Clifford 43 Finley
Greer, Edwin James 30 Benton City
Greer, Frank Perry 26 Sunnyside, Yakima Co.
Gregg, Paul Rutledge 24 Hanford
Gregory, George William 34 White Bluffs
Grell, Joseph William 18 Hanford
Gress, George 34 (Richland)
Griffith, Griffith Irwin 24 Prosser
Grigg, Lincoln A 19 Prosser
Grigg, Ralph W 25 Prosser
Grimaud, Joseph Albert 28 Prosser
Grom, Johan 26 Allard
Grosscup, Thaddius Goucher 28 Richland
Grundell, John F 22 Richland
Guernsey, Michael Henry 18 Prosser
Guthrie, William Kirk 20 Prosser
Hacker, Willard Ed 23 Kennewick
Hackney, Chester Arthur 34 Richland
Hadd, Hans 28 Prosser
Hadd, Joe 30 Prosser
Hadley, Samuel Bedford 22 Kennewick
Hageman, Walter J 36 Kennewick
Hager, Albert James 42 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Hall, Charles Branson 35 White Bluffs
Hall, Oliver 33 Prosser
Hall, Reid Monroe 23 Prosser
Halliday, Fred Ellsworth 27 Kennewick
Halvorsen, Ole 45 Prosser
Halvorsen, Sherman Hubert 25 Kennewick
Halvorson, Gilman Elmer 29 Kennewick
Halvorson, Henry Adolph 34 Prosser
Hamel, Robert 41 Kennewick
Hamilton, Edgar 25 Prosser
Hamilton, Everett 19 Prosser
Hamilton, Paul 23 Prosser
Hamilton, Walton 27 Prosser
Hampton, Harry Nathan 20 Hover
Haney, Walter Glen 26 Benton City
Hanke, Robert Fredrick 41 Kennewick
Hannum, Sam Wilton 43 Prosser
Hanratty, Hugh P 18 Kennewick
Hansen, Carl Hoff 27 Prosser
Hansen, Edward 32 Prosser
Hansen, Karl P M 34 Prosser
Hansen, Laurits A 29 Horse Heaven
Hanson, Bernard Endre 35 Prosser
Hanson, Lawrence 22 Prosser
Hanson, Oscar 23 Prosser
Harding, Carroll C 22 Richland
Harding, De Forest W 33 Richland
Harding, Lester Joel 37 Prosser
Hardt, John Thomas 41 Hover
Hardy, George Michael 34 Prosser
Harmon, Robert 41 Prosser
Harper, David H, Jr 26 Prosser
Harper, Earl Royal 35 Prosser
Harper, Neil Franklin 21 Kennewick
Harr, Joseph Francis 28 Prosser
Harrington, George Edgar 28 Prosser
Harrington, John Francis 23 Prosser
Harrington, William Eugene 34 Prosser
Harris, Elwood S 24 Kiona
Harris, Francis Michael 34 Kennewick
Harris, George William 24 Prosser
Harris, Walter James 23 Prosser
Harrison, Frank 22 Benton City
Harrison, John Rollins 24 Kennewick
Harrison, John Scott 41 Prosser
Harsh, Alton Sankey 33 Prosser
Harsha, Edward Houston 30 Kennewick
Hartigan, Timothy Eldon 20 Prosser
Hartje, George 43 Kennewick
Hartman, George Timson 21 Prosser
Hartman, Ira Martin 36 Benton City
Hartman, Jacob Walter 18 Benton City
Hartman, Lawrence Edwin 29 Kiona
Hartman, Richard Allison 18 Benton City
Hartung, Henry O 30 Richland
Hastings, Harris Porter 43 Kennewick
Haueisen, Otto Henry 39 Kennewick
Hauschild, Thomas Blythe 28 Kennewick
Havlin, Earl 26 Prosser
Hawkins, James K 40 Kennewick
Hawley, Ira Charles 26 White Bluffs
Haworth, Charles C 42 Kennewick
Hawthorne, Charles Edgar 38 White Bluffs
Hayden, Thomas J 43 Kiona
Haydon, Guy John 36 Kennewick
Hays, Earl Alfred 18 Kennewick
Hazel, Fred Charles 42 Prosser
Hazelton, Edward Merton 23 Prosser
Head, Clifford George 21 Prosser
Heater, Aaron Isaac 22 Washougal, Clark Co.
Heath, Henry Sutherland 37 Paterson
Heath, James Raymond 43 Kennewick
Heberlein, Max Victor 36 Kennewick
Heberling, Guy Hiram 35 Prosser
Hedegard, Jens 38 Benton City
Hedington, Harry Smith 38 Finley
Helgesen, Helge 37 Prosser
Hembree, Frank W 30 Kennewick
Hembree, Walter L 37 Kennewick
Henderson, Edward Alden 26 Prosser
Henderson, George Gordon 23 Prosser
Hendrickson, Alfred 42 Kennewick
Hendrickson, Walter Frederick 36 Prosser
Henry, Clarence Lee 32 Finley
Hensley, Frank Newton 33 White Bluffs
Henson, Dennis Leroy 34 Kiona
Henson, George Frank 22 Richland
Henson, James 25 Benton City
Henson, Roy Garrett 26 Benton City
Hepburn, Emmet Jefferson 45 Hanford
Hergesheimer, Jesse Bryan 21 Prosser
Hering, Bernhardt 30 Prosser
Hernes, Hans Olsen 45 Prosser
Hess, Joseph 36 Kennewick
Hickman, Albert Lester 21 Prosser
Hickman, Joseph Thomas 22 Prosser
Hicks, Eugene Bentle 18 Hanford
Hicks, James Otis 33 Prosser
Higgins, Edward Sherman 40 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Hilgeson, Walter Ainsly 23 Prosser
Hill, Frank C 37 Prosser
Hill, George 28 Kennewick
Hill, Harlan 30 Prosser
Hill, Harrison 28 Prosser
Hill, John Isaac 44 Kennewick
Hill, Knute 42 Benton City
Hill, Leandrew Mart 21 Whitcomb
Hillier, Clifton Elmer 42 Kennewick
Hillman, James B 26 Prosser
Hinch, Valerian James 24 Kennewick
Hinds, John Finley 39 Kennewick
Hinkle, Elmer Ellsworth 25 Richland
Hinson, Silas Grover 26 Kiona
Hitchcock, Cecil Glenn 39 Kennewick
Hixson, Bertle 39 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Hoch, Paul 43 Prosser
Hodge, James M 39 Prosser
Hodges, Charles Robert 37 Kennewick
Hoffman, Hamilton Harley 45 Kennewick
Hogan, William Gany 24 Kennewick
Holmes, Charles 21 Paterson
Holmes, Cleo 21 Prosser
Holmes, Erick 40 Prosser
Holmes, Henry 29 Paterson
Holmes, K 19 Prosser
Holt, Harding Cledius 30 Prosser
Hopkins, Walter Wilson 34 Prosser
Hopp, Wm A 24 Kiona
Hopper, Bernard Ray 22 Prosser
Hopper, Everett Wayne 18 Prosser
Hopper, John Andrew 26 Prosser
Horamatsu, Kichijo 44 Mottenger
Horrell, John Thomas 43 Prosser
Horton, Edward Harrison 18 Kennewick
Horton, Oscar Delos 30 Richland
Hoshino, Keikichi 31 Whitcomb
Hosko, Peter 45 Prosser
Hotis, Joseph 29 Prosser
Houghton, Floyd Albert 20 Prosser
Houk, Minie Elmer 44 White Bluffs
Howard, Cotton Moulton 29 Kennewick
Howard, Irwin Curtis 25 White Bluffs
Howard, John Burl 26 Kennewick
Howard, John R 42 Kennewick
Howe, William Henry 40 Kennewick
Hoyt, William Judson 44 Kennewick
Hubbard, George Henry 34 Kennewick
Hubbard, Smith Emerson 34 Richland
Huber, Alexander 35 Paterson
Huber, William Joseph 21 White Bluffs
Hudson, Charles Archibald 37 Kiona
Huggins, William P 22 Prosser
Hughes, Argus 29 Benton City
Hughes, Bailey 39 Prosser
Hughes, Cecil L 22 Kennewick
Hughes, Clarence 25 Junction City, OR
Hughes, George Charles 38 Kiona
Hughes, George Newton 34 Kiona
Hughes, Harrison Sterling 41 Hover
Hull, Manford 21 Prosser
Hunt, Harry Edward 36 Richland
Hunt, Joseph Carroll 41 Richland
Huntington, Horton Scammon 29 Prosser
Huss, Olaf August 38 Finley
Hutchinson, Floyd Hunter 37 Kennewick

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