World War I Draft Registrants Index M

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with M are:

Name Age Registration Location
Maack, George 21 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Maass, Soren Emil 41 Berrian
MacBean, Harold Carr 28 Benton City
MacCulloch, George Nixon 43 Cooledge
MacDonell, Robert Walker 30 White Bluffs
Mackarness, Noel 28 Kennewick
Macmahon, Robert Quincy 44 Kennewick
Maddocks, Pearl Parker 34 Prosser
Madsen, Frederik 26 Richland
Mahan, Emery H 38 Prosser
Mahan, William Bertrand 36 Prosser
Mahoney, Matthew Ignatious 42 Prosser
Mahoney, William 39 Kennewick
Malchow, William Fred 43 Kennewick
Mann, David Donald 28 Richland
Mann, Edwin Haner 28 Kennewick
Mann, Frank Milton 33 Richland
Marquardt, William Eli 37 Kiona
Marr, Charles Alexander 21 Kennewick
Marr, John George 22 Kennewick
Mars, Sam 35 Hover
Marshall, Peter 27 DesMoines, Iowa
Martin, Bert 42 Kiona
Martin, Gus 35 Prosser
Martin, Joseph Philip 36 Kennewick
Martin, Vanburen 28 Kennewick
Martin, William Merrell 37 Kennewick
Martines, Antonio 35 Plymouth
Mason, Armet Elisha 28 Prosser
Mason, Arthur Denzil 29 Prosser
Mason, Frank B 25 Prosser
Masters, Frederick Eugene 44 Kennewick
Mathena, Charles Estel 39 Prosser
Mathews, David Cyril 37 Prosser
Mathews, Frank Elmer 24 Paterson
Mathews, James Williams 22 Prosser
Mathews, John Clifford 30 Prosser
Mathiesen, Carl Wilhelm 23 Prosser
Mattecheck, Matthias Walter 42 Kennewick
Matthews, Harvey 33 Prosser
Matthews, Lewis Edward 40 Prosser
Matthews, Ralph 21 Kennewick
Matthews, William Webster 21 Prosser
Mattox, William Perry 28 Benton City
Mattson, Louis 42 Prosser
Maurer, John James 23 Prosser
Mays, Ivan Warren 33 Prosser
McAlpin, Ralph Strong 34 Kiona
McAulay, Owen Wesley 44 Richland
McBee, Edwin Homer 44 Kiona
McCabe, James Nelson 39 Prosser
McCarthy, James Daniel 41 Richland
McCarty, Campbell Arastus 38 Hover
McClary, George 38 Prosser
McClellan, James Charles 41 Richland
McConnachie, George Edgar 18 Hanford
McConnachie, John Hay 19 Hanford
McCormack, Lawrence E 25 Prosser
McCormick, Chauncey Harold 21 Kiona
McDaniel, James 37 Richland
McDaniel, Thomas Oscar 25 Kennewick
McDonald, Chester George 24 Prosser
McDonald, Fred Milton 45 White Bluffs
McEntire, Fred Lee 28 Prosser
McEntire, James S 44 Prosser
McFee, John 25 White Bluffs
McGee, Chester Leo 22 Cold Creek
McGhan, Ben George 26 Richland
McGhan, Glen Freemont 33 Richland
McGonigle, Hugh Francis 41 Prosser
McGregor, Bruce Elmo 43 Prosser
McGuire, George Anderson 25 Hover
McGuire, Robert Nicholas 33 Kennewick
McIntyre, Dick 43 Prosser
McKay, Angus 20 Prosser
McKay, Thomas 39 Prosser
McKay, William Donald 44 Kiona
McKelvey, Aaron Caswell 29 Kennewick
McKelvy, John Henry Roswell 27 Kennewick
McKenzie, Milton James 20 Kennewick
McKibben, Ralph 25 Prosser
McKim, J Overett 38 Kennewick
McLane, Arthur Miles 39 Hanford
McLane, Joseph A 44 Kennewick
McLaughlin, Wm Henry 22 Richland
McMurry, Frank Green 41 White Bluffs
McNaughton, Alexander 37 Sunnyside, Yakima Co.
McNealey, George Tilles 39 Paterson
McNeill, Allan George 28 Prosser
McNeill, Fred L 25 Prosser
McPhee, Byron Clark 19 Hover
McPheeters, Orville 34 Kennewick
McReynolds, Richard Townsend 39 Kiona
McReynolds, Thomas Hendrick 34 Kiona
Meals, William Owen 45 Kennewick
Mears, Ernest 41 Prosser
Meeker, Ernest Edmond 32 White Bluffs
Meekhof, Mynerd 21 Prosser
Meharry, Lauron Merritt 26 Prosser
Meier, Henri 42 Prosser
Mercer, Freeman 22 Prosser
Mercer, James Blaine 34 Prosser
Mercer, Mila 35 Prosser
Mercer, William Taylor 24 Prosser
Meyers, Carl 39 Finley
Michielli, Vito 21 Prosser
Mick, Clarence Leroy 20 Prosser
Millard, Joseph Elmer 20 Richland
Miller, Alton Hicks 33 Allard
Miller, Charles Wilbur 40 Prosser
Miller, Ervin J 33 Prosser
Miller, Fred 43 Richland
Miller, George 21 Gibbon
Miller, Harry Pendleton 37 Richland
Miller, Jake Lee 36 Allard
Miller, Myron Samuel 42 Richland
Miller, Perry Pringle 36 Prosser
Miller, Roy 36 White Bluffs
Mills, Charles 26 Hover
Mills, William 28 Hover
Milne, George William 39 Kennewick
Mineah, Edwin Van Horn 21 Prosser
Mineah, John Van Horn 23 Prosser
Minert, Horace 45 Kennewick
Misner, Charles Chester 27 Richland
Mitchell, Glenn B 24 Kennewick
Mitchell, Harvey Mark 22 Kiona
Mitchell, Ira Woods 25 Kiona
Mitchell, Joseph Benjamin 42 Prosser
Mitchell, Ralph Alan 29 Kennewick
Mitchell, Vern Henry 19 Kennewick
Mitsos, Angelos K 34 Prosser
Mittan, Lawrence E 19 Prosser
Mittan, Walter Harley 43 Prosser
Moede, Benhart Walter 18 White Bluffs
Moffat, Clinton Charles 34 Prosser
Moffat, Thomas DeLacy 35 Hanford
Mohl, Ray 24 Prosser
Mohme, Frank 21 Prosser
Molinder, John Maurits 39 Benton City
Mondelli, Vito 21 Prosser
Monroe, Earl Wesley 18 Kennewick
Monroe, Floyd Russell 19 Kennewick
Montgomery, Ernest Elmer 37 Prosser
Montgomery, Floyd Aurthur 33 Horse Heaven
Montgomery, Joseph 44 White Bluffs
Moore, Charles William 36 Kennewick
Moore, Earl Allen 41 Kennewick
Moore, William Curtis 43 Kennewick
Moore, William Franklin 19 Kennewick
Moores, Bert 41 Kennewick
Moores, Gordon Chamberlain 33 Kennewick
Moorhead, Wyatt B 21 White Bluffs
Morain, Frank Earl 22 Kennewick
Moran, Alven Thomas 21 Kiona
Moran, Howard Clifton 19 Kiona
Morehouse, Edmond John 33 Prosser
Morgan, Albert 32 Kennewick
Morgan, Charles Eber 41 Benton City
Morgan, Guy 24 Waitsburg, Walla Walla Co.
Morgan, James Victor 39 Benton City
Morgan, Roy Willis 37 Benton City
Morgan, Wallace 37 Kiona
Morgenthaler, Alphonse 35 Prosser
Moritz, Carl 37 Benton City
Morse, Gilbert Earl 36 Prosser
Mortinsen, Magnus 33 Benton City
Mortinson, Arthur Edward 30 Richland
Morton, David Smith 40 Finley
Mosely, Howard Edward 21 Mottenger
Mosso, Joe 21 Prosser
Motter, Harold Arthur 20 Kennewick
Motter, John Samuel 44 Kennewick
Motzkus, Fredrick August 39 Prosser
Mouda, Elbert Marion 35 Kennewick
Moulton, Mark Mills 42 Kennewick
Mounsey, George Eli 32 Kennewick
Mowrer, Albert 22 Kennewick
Mowry, Floyd Wayne 19 Richland
Moxley, Francis Eugene 34 Prosser
Moyer, Oliver Leighton 42 Kennewick
Mueller, Irvin N 38 Kennewick
Muncey, Joseph Henry 26 Kennewick
Muncey, William Lafayette 42 Richland
Muncey, Willis Sherman 35 Richland
Munday, Harrison E 29 Kennewick
Murakami, S 33 Byron, Yakima Co.
Murphy, Chesleigh Eugene 26 Prosser
Murphy, James Douglas 21 Richland
Murphy, Martin 40 Richland
Murray, Allen, S 29 Richland
Murray, Leon William 35 Kennewick
Murray, William Hussey 33 Tacoma, Pierce Co.
Myers, Aaron Fredrick 22 Richland
Myers, Grover Cleveland 26 Kennewick

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