World War I Draft Registrants Index N, O, P or Q

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with N, O, P or Q are:

Name Age Registration Location
Needham, James Ferdinand 39 Hanford
Neel, Henry J 24 Kennewick
Neill, John Wesley 33 Prosser
Nelson, Albert L 37 Richland
Nelson, Chres Nicholas 40 Prosser
Nelson, Fabian 36 Prosser
Nelson, Henry Walter 35 Kennewick
Nelson, Maurice Edward 25 Kennewick
Nelson, Nels Christian 37 Belview, King Co.
Nelson, Oscar 23 Kennewick
Nelson, Reuben Leander 36 Kennewick
Nelson, Swan Peter 36 Kennewick
Nerland, Sigurd 29 Kennewick
Neuenschwander, Chris 40 Prosser
Newman, Arthur Walter 43 Prosser
Newman, Gus 35 Kennewick
Newman, William Henry Thomas 35 Prosser
Ng, James 23 Kennewick
Nickerson, Percey Elmer 32 Prosser
Nickolaus, Rae Alfred DeMoss 19 Richland
Nicoson, Charles Edgar 43 Kennewick
Nielson, Hans Julius 29 Halbak, Denmark
Nitzsche, Robert 40 White Bluffs
Noel, Henry 39 Hanford
Novelli, Domenico 24 Prosser
Offerdal, Henry John 23 Prosser
Okimoto, Tom 41 Kennewick
O'Larey, Elton John 38 White Bluffs
Olbrich, Joseph Jr. 38 Kennewick
Olbrich, Julius 21 Kennewick
Oldenstadt, Henry A 28 Prosser
Oliver, Harold Eggleston 23 Kennewick
Olleman, Faye Erlando 26 Hanford
Olsen, Carl Eugene 19 Prosser
Olsen, Christian Halger 27 Benton City
Olsen, Joseph 27 Kennewick
Olsen, Martin 40 Prosser
Olsen, Paul 20 Prosser
Olsen, Walter 34 Longview
Olson, Joseph C 28 Hanford
Olson, Zenas Austin 26 Benton City
O'Malley, Peter 24 Prosser
Ono, Yunoshin 25 Mottenger
Orcutt, Elwin L 35 Benton City
Orcutt, Francis Alonzo 30 Prosser
O'Reilly, Edward Louis 42 Prosser
O'Rourke, John Patrick 37 Prosser
Orozco, Estevan 21 Stockton, CA
O'Shaughnessy, John Francis 39 Prosser
Oswalt, Daniel Webster 33 Prosser
Oswalt, Thomas Berton 43 Prosser
Owen, Donald Rowley 19 Kennewick
Owen, Thomas Linden 25 Prosser
Owens, John Alfred 26 Prosser
Owens, John Emory 18 Horse Heaven
Owens, Walter Henry 45 Richland
Pacius, Bernard J 40 Prosser
Paddleford, Ernest Guy 30 Cold Creek
Paden, Gerald Ray 23 Sunnyside, Yakima Co.
Page, John 40 Prosser
Pallett, William Howard 20 Richland
Palmer, George Martin 20 Benton City
Palmer, Nixon Edwin 43 Prosser
Palmquist, Alfred 43 Prosser
Panklman, Victor Carl 24 Prosser
Panos, John Konstantinous 39 Paterson
Parker, Lewis Kenneth 32 Richland
Parkinson, Frederick Ely 43 Kennewick
Parks, John Roy 33 Kiona
Parlet, Edgar Alton 30 Prosser
Parson, William 45 Prosser
Pasche, Paul Carl 19 Kennewick
Patterson, Allen D 39 Prosser
Paulson, Axel Victor 28 Richland
Paulson, William Benjamin 35 Kennewick
Payne, Charles Ross 20 Paterson
Pearce, Bernard 26 Kennewick
Pearl, Don 34 Prosser
Pearl, Guy H 41 Prosser
Pearson, Joseph 37 Prosser
Pearson, Joseph Henry 18 Prosser
Peckinpaugh, Lloyd Harmon 37 Benton City
Peckinpaugh, William 22 Kennewick
Pemberton, Delmer U 41 Prosser
Perkins, Clyde A 26 Kennewick
Perkins, Robert Hill 42 Kennewick
Perrault, Fred 28 Prosser
Perrault, Octave 21 Prosser
Perrault, Peter 20 Prosser
Perrault, Zotigue 24 Prosser
Perry, Charles Newton 24 Prosser
Perry, Jay 27 Kennewick
Perry, Newton Ernest 45 Benton City
Perry, William Neal 38 Richland
Person, Carl John 40 Richland
Person, Gustav 41 Kennewick
Peter, Harley Hood 40 Kennewick
Peterhaus, Jacob Ernest 38 Kennewick
Peters, George D 41 Kennewick
Peterson, Andrew 45 Prosser
Peterson, Clarence Harry 24 Kennewick
Peterson, Edward Benjamin 19 Prosser
Peterson, Peter Christian 27 Benton City
Petett, Elmer Jessie 23 Richland
Petett, John Andrew 24 Richland
Petropoulos, Louis 26 Whitcomb
Pettis, Henry E 43 Prosser
Phelps, Arthur Leon 35 White Bluffs
Phillips, Fred 29 Kennewick
Picatti, Jos. Stephen 28 Hanford
Piening, Charles 35 Paterson
Piening, Philip 27 Prosser
Piening, Rudolph 37 Paterson
Pierce, Errett Rowley 41 Prosser
Pillon, Charles Birl 28 Prosser
Pinckney, Benjamin 35 Kennewick
Pitanich, John 34 Hover
Pittman, Lewis Emory 41 Prosser
Pivcevich, Mate 36 Hover
Platz, Harry William 18 Richland
Plotner, Walter Austin 35 Benton City
Plummer, Howard Addison 22 Moscow, ID
Pointer, James William 41 Kiona
Poisson, Joseph Arthur 26 Richland
Polloch, Dwight Vivian 36 Benton City
Polon, Mike 24 Prosser
Ponti, Angelo 35 Prosser
Ponting, Charles Henry 36 Prosser
Porter, Milton Winfield 37 Prosser
Potts, William Thomas 42 Prosser
Powell, James D 40 Prosser
Powell, Lee Herbert 23 Kennewick
Powell, Luke 45 Prosser
Powell, Roy Walter 21 Hover
Powell, Valcus Kennedy 37 Coal Creek
Powers, Sidney 37 Prosser
Pratt, Joseph Carroll 20 Horse Heaven
Prentiss, Harris Bennet 29 Richland
Preston, John 38 White Bluffs
Preuguber, Francis Joseph 23 Prosser
Preuguber, Leo Raphael 21 Prosser
Price, William Walter 42 Kennewick
Prien, Arthur William 33 Kennewick
Prigmore, Samuel Benjamin 37 Kennewick
Probst, Sigmund 29 Kennewick
Province, Ira Ernest 24 Kiona
Puderbaugh, Christian 41 Kennewick
Pulisevich, William E 37 Prosser
Purdy, Guy Arthur 24 Kennewick
Purdy, James Edgar 25 Kennewick
Purdy, Smiley Arthur 34 Kennewick
Purdy, William Leslie 28 Kennewick
Purington, Henry Ellsworth 34 Hanford
Pursell, William A 24 Prosser
Putscher, Ernst W 42 Kennewick
Qualley, Andrew 38 Kennewick
Quigley, Joseph Roman 40 Kennewick
Quinn, Thomas Edwin 39 Benton City

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