World War I Draft Registrants Index R

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with R are:

Name Age Registration Location
Railsback, David Harry 36 Prosser
Railsback, Squire Simpson 34 Prosser
Rakestraw, Charles 18 Prosser
Rakestraw, George 25 Prosser
Rakestraw, Rollen 45 Prosser
Rambo, Edward C 42 Prosser
Ramsey, Otto Pitts 30 Prosser
Rand, Walter Joseph 34 Hover
Randall, Richard Edward 21 Prosser
Randt, Ed. C 43 Prosser
Ranscher, John Will 28 Kennewick
Rasmussen, Fred J 40 Kennewick
Rasmussen, William R 27 Prosser
Rattray, Robert Nicholas 41 Prosser
Rearick, John Chester 22 White Bluffs
Rebman, Frederick Phillip 39 Kennewick
Reed, James Judson 19 Kennewick
Reed, Ralph Emerson 28 Kennewick
Reed, Roy Robbert 27 Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co.
Reed, William Frank 39 Prosser
Reeder, Leonard Guy 18 Richland
Reedy, Harvey John 23 White Bluffs
Reese, Otto 22 Kennewick
Reese, Theodore August 20 Kennewick
Reimer, Abraham J 21 Kennewick
Reinhardt, Fred 33 Hanford
Reinhardt, William Devine 22 Richland
Relton, Cyril 27 Richland
Relton, Sydney 25 Richland
Reser, Byron Elmo 33 Kennewick
Reutter, John George 21 Prosser
Reutter, John Jacob 25 Prosser
Reynolds, Ralph V 27 Prosser
Rhine, Adoniram Judson 21 Prosser
Rhine, Sidney Breeze 36 Prosser
Rhoder, Fred 45 Prosser
Rice, Eugene 26 Beverly
Rich, Charles Nelson 28 Prosser
Rich, Walter Whitman 21 Kennewick
Richards, Walter Herbert 23 Prosser
Richards, William L 45 Prosser
Richman, Frank L 27 Prosser
Richman, Robert Asbery 44 Prosser
Richmond, Ivan Roscoe 18 Kiona
Richmond, Jackson Peter 45 Vernita
Richmond, Paul G 21 Kiona
Richmond, Phillipis 28 Kennewick
Richmond, Ralph Waldo 20 Kiona
Richter, Benjamin Frankie 25 Richland
Rickabaugh, John N 25 Kennewick
Rickman, Ulyssus Grant 44 Kennewick
Riegle, Ira Burdette 40 Hanford
Riemer, Miles Jennings 21 Prosser
Robards, Harry T 23 Kennewick
Robbins, Marion Burt 22 Kennewick
Roberts, Gerald Trevling 21 Prosser
Roberts, Herman Bishop 22 Prosser
Roberts, Joseph Standford 40 Prosser
Roberts, Osbern Ralston 39 Prosser
Roberts, Robert John 44 White Bluffs
Robinson, Eben Eugene 29 Hover
Robinson, Harry Edward 36 Prosser
Robinson, Hugh Eugene 41 White Bluffs
Robison, Irwin Cowden 21 Prosser
Rodney, Rex Rillie 35 Carley
Rodriguez, Jesus 27 Stockton, CA
Rogers, Guy Willis 21 Bly, Asotin Co.
Rollins, Frank Peter 36 Hanford
Rollins, Oscar Benton 35 Richland
Rolph, Clifford Osborne 20 Prosser
Rolph, Curtis March 34 Hanford
Rolph, Glen 21 Prosser
Root, Benjamin Curtiss 44 Hanford
Root, John William 39 Kennewick
Rosaaen, Archie Guy 32 Richland
Rosencrans, Benjiman Raymond 33 Richland
Roth, Fred 28 Kennewick
Rothrock, William Walter 42 Prosser
Roundtree, Alfred James 20 Kennewick
Roundtree, Ben Frank 18 Kennewick
Rowan, Harvey Mann 24 Prosser
Rowan, Lee William 20 Prosser
Rowe, George Fawcett 26 Kennewick
Rowe, Oliver WIlliam 26 —–
Rowley, Champion Erle 40 Benton City
Royer, Preston 33 Prosser
Ruderisch, John Lorenz 23 Prosser
Rudert, Tony 24 Prosser
Rupert, Benjamin Franklin 37 Prosser
Rushmer, Lloyd Cranston 20 Tacoma, Pierce Co.
Russell, Alton P 30 Kennewick
Russell, William P 23 Prosser
Ryno, Louis Andrew 29 Prosser

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