World War I Draft Registrants Index S

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with S are:

Name Age Registration Location
Sadler, Elijah Marion 36 Kiona
Safford, Rufus Wesley 35 Kennewick
Sagsvold, Harry 33 Kennewick
Saito, Shinji 18 Whitcomb
Saito, Yoimon 39 Whitcomb
Salatino, Luke 30 Prosser
Salogines, George 21 Benton City
Salvini, Celestino 37 Hanford
Salvini, John Battista 32 Hanford
Sampson, Truman B 36 Prosser
Sandberg, Oscar Edward 43 Kennewick
Sanders, Frank Jay 35 Richland
Sanders, Louis Fred 30 Richland
Sands, Fred 41 Kennewick
Sanford, Charles Miller 35 Hanford
Sanford, Harry Maitland 22 Prosser
Santillanes, Jose Ines 22 Mottenger
Saunders, Edgar Ridgley 36 Prosser
Saunders, Herbert Clifford 41 Prosser
Sawyer, Wesley Hart 18 Richland
Schatz, Lewis Otto 45 Prosser
Schicka, Fred John Paul 38 White Bluffs
Schirman, Henry 22 Richland
Schirman, Philip John 25 Richland
Schmandt, Earl Irvin 30 Kennewick
Schnell, George 45 Kennewick
Schnell, Harold William 18 Kennewick
Schroeder, George Elder 21 Prosser
Schugh, William Ormond 21 Prosser
Schultz, Francis Henry 23 Prosser
Schuster, Cecil Richard 19 Kennewick
Schuster, William Trund 21 Kennewick
Schwab, George Franklin 36 Prosser
Scott, Rowland Fronek 34 Benton City
Sears, Joseph Franlin 36 Prosser
Seibert, Lynn Harry 24 Prosser
Selder, Roy 23 Prosser
Selick, George Edmond 24 Kennewick
Sellards, Willard Watson 44 Prosser
Sells, James 28 White Bluffs
Sestrand, Ernest 26 Prosser
Seymour, Elmer Sanford 23 Kennydale
Seymour, Fredrick Otto 38 Prosser
Shaffer, Barney 43 Prosser
Shanafelt, George Herbert 32 Kennewick
Sharp, William Rollie 35 Prosser
Sharpe, Arthur Eugene 42 Kiona
Shaughnessy, Gerald Frederick 19 Kennewick
Shaughnessy, John 20 Kennewick
Shedd, Elmer McKinley 22 Prosser
Shedd, William Felt 33 Prosser
Shelby, David Clarkson 36 Prosser
Shelledy, Loyd Orval 39 Cold Creek
Shepard, Johnathon Asher 38 Kennewick
Shepard, Walter Bryan 21 Richland
Sherk, Everett Horace 30 Kennewick
Sherk, George Barton 20 Kennewick
Sherman, Buren Robinson 35 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Sherrow, Lloyd Victor 22 Lareda, MO
Shields, Charles Lee 19 Prosser
Shields, William Charley 38 Benton City
Shivers, Ralph Charles 19 Kennewick
Shoemaker, Lowell Mason 39 Kennewick
Shula, Joseph 43 Kennewick
Shuman, Harry Elginer 28 Carley
Sickels, Ray Harvey 28 Paterson
Siegfried, Joseph Henry 41 Kennewick
Silliman, Emerald Ambrose 28 Prosser
Simmelink, Herbert Bouink 27 Kennewick
Simmelink, Merrill 24 Kennewick
Simonton, William Wesley 36 Kiona
Simpson, Caleb Grattin 25 Prosser
Simpson, Max Donald 19 Kennewick
Simsen, Arthur 21 Kennewick
Sing, Gee Yen 21 Kennewick
Sinnes, Frederick H 29 Prosser
Sisseck, Frank 44 Prosser
Skidmore, John Floyd 27 Yakima
Slavens, Morris Ray 34 Hanford
Slaybough, Joseph Josiah 43 Prosser
Slusser, Tom 21 Prosser
Slyter, Walter Philip 39 Kennewick
Smalley, Roy Amisa 19 Kennewick
Smallwood, Oscar 34 Prosser
Smets, John Lewis 18 Prosser
Smith, Albert 28 Kennewick
Smith, Alfred I 37 Kennewick
Smith, Caleb Wesley 27 Kennewick
Smith, Charles Vaughn 22 Prosser
Smith, Clarence Harry 18 Prosser
Smith, Clyde Thomas 25 Finley
Smith, Edwin Ennis 29 Byron, Yakima Co.
Smith, Floyd R 23 Prosser
Smith, George William 27 Prosser
Smith, Glenn Carrol 26 Finley
Smith, Harry Hayes 41 White Bluffs
Smith, Harry S 39 Prosser
Smith, James 41 White Bluffs
Smith, James Roy 37 Prosser
Smith, Jesse 27 Kennewick
Smith, John 23 Kennewick
Smith, John Henry 28 Kennewick
Smith, John Joseph 34 Prosser
Smith, Lauritz 42 Kennewick
Smith, Leonard Kingsley 42 Prosser
Smith, Leroy 20 Richland
Smith, Melbourne Alexander 30 Prosser
Smith, Milton Ernest 43 Kennewick
Smith, Orin G 27 Kennewick
Smith, Peter 44 Prosser
Smith, Roy Thornton 18 Kiona
Smith, Walter Bryant 21 Finley
Smith, Weaver Jim 24 Richland
Smoots, Jesse Clyde 19 Richland
Snook, William Edwin 40 Prosser
Snyder, Charles Herbert 38 Hanford
Snyder, Frank D 22 Kennewick
Sokolik, John 36 Hanford
Sommers, Edwin Herman 39 Prosser
Sommers, Walter Charles 29 Prosser
Sonderman, Charley 21 Kennewick
Sonderman, Clarence Herman 23 Richland
Soper, Frederick Lawton 27 Prosser
Sorling, Herman 39 Prosser
Soto, Juan 40 Plymouth
Soward, Jay 34 Kennewick
Spanopoulos, Louis N 29 Prosser
Spaulding, Royston Morrow 21 Kennewick
Spears, William Franklin 29 Hover
Spence, William Beatty 40 Kennewick
Spencer, Boyd 22 Kennewick
Spencer, Edward Arthur 41 Prosser
Spencer, Herbert John 39 Prosser
Spencer, Major 44 Prosser
Spencer, Nick 25 Kennewick
Spiegelberg, Carl Henry 20 Kennewick
Spiegelberg, Herbert Cornelius 18 Kennewick
Spitler, Clarence Whitney 30 Richland
Spofford, William George 26 Kennewick
Sporleder, Bruno 26 Kennewick
Sporleder, Henry Charles 20 Kennewick
Sprague, Albert Roderick 45 White Bluffs
Sproat, William Lindsy 34 Waynesburg, PA
Sproull, William Robert 45 Prosser
Squires, Charles Douglas 43 Grandview, Yakima Co.
St Lourant, Arcadius 38 Kennewick
Stagias, Theodoros 18 Prosser
Stahl, Frank Earl 21 Finley
Staley, Oden Therman 28 Kennewick
Starkey, Edward Bragdon 21 Prosser
Starkey, Fredrick Eugene 18 Prosser
Starr, George 34 Prosser
Steindorf, Walter G 22 Prosser
Steinke, Albert C 24 Kennewick
Stember, Carl F 45 Kennewick
Stevens, Carl Labon 32 White Bluffs
Stevens, Henry Willet 20 Kennewick
Stevenson, George Mills 18 Kennewick
Stewart, Philip Harold 18 Prosser
Stith, Edward C 21 Prosser
Stockdale, Thomas McFarland 18 Prosser
Stockdale, William Kenelm 20 Prosser
Stockman, Fred 44 Prosser
Stoddard, Benjamin Parker 39 Kennewick
Stone, Harlan Ray 33 Richland
Stoop, Oliver Franklin 19 Kennewick
Storland, John 36 Kennewick
Storment, Franklin Bush 19 Whitcomb
Storry, Guy Joseph 28 Kennewick
Stradling, Edmond Howard 18 Hanford
Stradling, Joseph Lefler 20 Hanford
Strandwold, George Clifford 19 Prosser
Strandwold, Harold 45 Prosser
Strandwold, Harold Juel 19 Prosser
Strandwold, James Harvey 18 Prosser
Strange, John Van Der Veer 35 Kennewick
Strasser, Harry Daniel 28 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Strate, Edwin Martin 25 Kiona
Streeter, Guy Edgar 22 Prosser
Strommier, Mertin 21 Kennewick
Strope, Wright Angel 25 Prosser
Struthers, Frank Henry 41 Kennewick
Struthers, Stanley 29 Finley
Struve, Paul William 36 Kennewick
Stuart, Lloyd Evart 32 Kennewick
Sudler, Stirling Homer 30 Kennewick
Sullivan, Dexter James 19 Prosser
Summer, John Marvin 19 Prosser
Sutherland, Dloss 25 Kiona
Sutton, Basil Carey 19 Prosser
Sutton, Clarence Leslie 21 Richland
Sutton, Earl Samuel 18 Richland
Sutton, Ray E 35 Prosser
Sutton, Robert Lee 22 Richland
Sutton, Rupert Henry 19 Prosser
Svatonsky, Joseph Frank 43 Kennewick
Svendsen, Ben Einer 21 Kennewick
Swain, Isaac Luther 40 Prosser
Swanson, Andrew Peter 40 Horse Heaven
Swanson, Chris Mathias 34 Horse Heaven
Swanson, Ernest William 34 Prosser
Swanson, Hilmer 43 Kennewick
Swanson, John Marius 38 Horse Heaven
Swanson, Math 30 Prosser
Swanson, Otto 25 Prosser
Swayze, Jason Clark 37 Kennewick
Swayze, Thomas Allen 25 Kennewick
Swift, George Thomas 44 Prosser
Switzler, William Humphrey 39 Plymouth

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