World War I Draft Registrants Index T, U or V

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with T, U or V are:

Name Age Registration Location
Tabie, N 39 Byron
Tacon, Joe 23 Prosser
Tada, Asaji 24 Plymouth
Taggares, Peter 24 Prosser
Talley, John Luther 27 Prosser
Tambora, Eijaburo 43 Mottenger
Taylor, Arthur Elsworth 34 Prosser
Taylor, Charles Ernest 43 Prosser
Taylor, Leroy Ardella 32 Prosser
Taylor, Stuart McCord 29 White Bluffs
Taylor, Waite 40 Prosser
Temple, Floyd Edwin 21 Benton City
Templeton, Darrel 20 Kennewick
Teuchert, Bruno Adolf 41 Prosser
Thamke, Edward A 34 Kennewick
Thomas, Alfred Marion 21 Hover
Thomas, Charles Glendale 32 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Thomas, Deland E 22 Prosser
Thomas, Forrest Granville 26 Benton City
Thomas, Hugh Jackson 25 Prosser
Thomas, Robert Seth 25 Prosser
Thompson, Ben Harrison 29 Benton City
Thompson, George Edward 45 Benton City
Thompson, Joseph Vincent 36 Kennewick
Thompson, Leuellen 26 Kennewick
Thorp, Alvia Francis 35 Kennewick
Thresher, William Porter 41 Kennewick
Tiede, John 35 Hover
Tiede, Louis 27 Hover
Tift, Ervin Alger 30 Prosser
Tift, Lloyd Garrison 34 Prosser
Tillery, Collie 30 Kennewick
Timm, George Jurgen 27 Prosser
Timm, Hans Henry 28 Prosser
Timm, Peter Willhilm 23 Prosser
Timmerman, Emil 23 Richland
Todd, Charles Franklin 19 Kiona
Todd, John Frank 18 Prosser
Todd, Leroy Levi 40 Benton City
Tom, Eng Shee 38 Kennewick
Tomaske, Johnnie 22 Kiona
Tomson, Almon Lee 39 Prosser
Tooke, Burett Osburn 40 Kennewick
Towne, George Loren 21 Prosser
Travis, Guy M 22 Kiona
Travis, Ivan Verner 18 Kiona
Travis, Nathaniel Warren 21 Kiona
Treadway, John 39 Prosser
Trenbath, Edwin Wight 28 Kennewick
Triesch, Joseph Peter 23 Benton CIty
Trigg, John William 43 Hanford
Trimble, Frank L 36 Kennewick
Trimble, Guy 42 Longview
Tripp, Charles Allen 36 Kennewick
Tripp, Earle Clare 36 Kennewick
Tromanhauser, Leslie Seneca 21 White Bluffs
Tucker, Harley R 30 Prosser
Tull, Fred Cleveland 30 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Tullar, Arthur Gilman 41 Kennewick
Turner, Leroy Benton 27 Roseville, IL
Turner, Leslie George 24 Hanford
Tustin, Andrew Charles 21 Prosser
Tuttle, Arthur Joseph 24 Kennewick
Tweedt, Earl Allen 18 Kennewick
Tweedt, Fred William 33 Kennewick
Tweedt, George Elmer 29 Kennewick
Tweedt, Lewis Alexander 39 Kennewick
Tweet, Edward Cornelius 33 Kennewick
Tyacke, George William 20 Finley
Tyacke, Richard Jilbert 25 Plymouth
Tyler, Walter E 28 Prosser
Tyrrell, Eugene 41 Kennewick
Tyrrell, Evert Alvin 19 Kennewick
Uland, William Burley 40 Kiona
Underhill, William Bryan 21 Prosser
Utz, Adrian 38 Prosser
Van Buren, Alonzo Fuller 34 White Bluffs
Van Deventer, Clon Dyke 21 Prosser
Van Deventer, Floyd 30 Prosser
Van Deventer, John Shafer 26 Prosser
Van Vleet, Alvin Ray 26 Prosser
Vance, Byron Opal 22 Prosser
Vance, Clair Henry 30 Prosser
Vancil, Edwin Harley 27 Prosser
Vanolli, Salvio 35 Prosser
Veale, Luther Bratton 41 Prosser
Vernon, Percie Erwin 28 Kennewick
Vest, Grover Cleveland 33 Prosser
Vibber, Harry Russell 40 Kennewick
Vincent, John 37 Prosser
Vincent, Mike 42 Prosser
Vogel, Sherman M 26 Hover
Volkmar, James Monroe 24 Cold Creek
Volland, Frank Henry 40 Kennewick
Volpe, Joe 28 Prosser
Volwiler, Martin L 44 Kennewick
Von Bargen, Peter 39 Paterson
Votan, Lloyd Lee 32 Hanford
Vukovich, Matt 37 Dugopole Dalmatia, Austria

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