World War I Draft Registrants Index W, X, Y or Z

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The World War I Registration entries for surnames beginning with W, X, Y or Z are:

Name Age Registration Location
Wade, Alexander Carpenter 29 White Bluffs
Wade, Joseph Presley, Jr. 18 Prosser
Wade, Laurence Van Emon 23 Richland
Wagner, Edward David 34 Allard
Wakefield, Jesse Albert 35 Prosser
Walker, John Duncan 33 Plymouth
Walter, George Ernest 40 Prosser
Walters, Anthony Lawrence 40 Kennewick
Walters, James Albert 22 Richland
Walters, Paul Conrad 29 Kennewick
Wardell, LeRoy 35 Prosser
Warneke, Carl 26 Prosser
Warnock, Thomas Anthony 41 Kennewick
Warren, James 23 Horse Heaven
Warren, William Charles 18 Kennewick
Washburn, Walter C 21 Kennewick
Watkins, Philip Henry 26 Prosser
Watson, Clyde Claude 22 Kennewick
Weaver, Alonzo 25 Kennewick
Weaver, Dell 30 Prosser
Weaver, Henry Willis 34 Prosser
Weaver, James 21 Kennewick
Webb, Owen Dow 33 Finley
Webber, William Sherman 38 Hanford
Weber, Albert Mathias 25 Prosser
Webster, William Ervin 21 Prosser
Wehmeier, William Henry 39 Hanford
Weidle, John Philip 30 Richland
Weir, Charles Fredrick 41 Benton City
Weisel, Harold Clair 21 Kennewick
Wells, Ed 22 Prosser
Wells, Edgar Ross 35 Prosser
Weston, Arthur Irving 44 Benton City
Wetherel, Charles Francis 45 Richland
Wetherell, Jacob Wellington 37 Richland
Whaley, Henry Edward 21 Hanford
Wheaton, Arthur Huxford 33 Prosser
Wheeler, Francis Marion 44 White Bluffs
Wheeler, Ray Edward 23 Richland
Wheeler, Reuben Fay 21 Richland
Wheelhouse, Chester Ivan 23 Richland
Wheelhouse, Lon 38 Richland
White, Elishe Browney 45 Kennewick
White, Frank R 39 Kennewick
White, Jesse E 21 Prosser
White, Mr. Vern Norman 25 Prosser
Whitehead, Edgar Emmett 22 Prosser
Whitehorn, Sydney Henry 26 Kennewick
Whiteside, Edward M 35 Prosser
Whiting, William A 23 Omak, Okanogan Co.
Whiting, William Sherman 24 Kennewick
Whitney, Charles Andrew 44 White Bluffs
Whitten, Allen 34 Benton City
Wiesenbach, Ward O 21 Richland
Wilgus, Earl Francis 37 Prosser
Wilgus, George Arthur 27 Prosser
Wilgus, John Joseph 33 Prosser
Wilhelm, Frank Arthur 27 Kennewick
Wilkinson, Dale Sidney 37 White Bluffs
Williams, Alfred Emory 20 Prosser
Williams, Archie 26 Prosser
Williams, Carl Athelton 43 Kennewick
Williams, Carl Curtis 38 Kennewick
Williams, David Benjamin 27 White Bluffs
Williams, Earle Victor 28 Benton City
Williams, George 22 Kennewick
Williams, Gucy Garfield 33 Kennewick
Williams, Harry Clyde 29 Whitcomb
Williams, James Perry 44 Hover
Williams, William Henry 45 Kennewick
Willis, James Carl 35 Richland
Willis, John 21 Prosser
Willmert, Alferd Elmer 34 Kennewick
Willmsen, Arnold Henry 43 Richland
Willoughby, Perry 37 Richland
Wilson, Charles S 33 Prosser
Wilson, Edwin Ealy 18 Prosser
Wilson, Frederick 20 Prosser
Wilson, George Loren/Lorne 40 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Wilson, George Vernon 19 Prosser
Wilson, Peter 22 Prosser
Wilson, Ronald D 36 Prosser
Wilson, Walter Cornelius 38 Prosser
Windle, George Mack 24 Kiona
Wing, Amos Oscar 42 Prosser
Winter, Rutherford Burchard Hays 41 Prosser
Wise, Frank L 18 Prosser
Wise, Pleasant Sherman 34 Prosser
Wise, Ralph Edwin 28 Prosser
Withers, Howard Wright 42 Kennewick
Witt, Warren Timmons 24 Kennewick
Wittkoff, George Ray 21 Prosser
Wittkoff, John Elmer 24 Prosser
Wittkoff, Joseph Andrew 19 Prosser
Wold, Carl Martin 25 Grandview, Yakima Co.
Wolford, Harold Elton 36 Benton City
Wolford, Norman M 42 Prosser
Woloshyn, Jwan 28 Harnopotok, Austria
Wolven, George A 40 Prosser
Wommack, Virgil 24 Kennewick
Womom, James William 21 Kennewick
Work, Argandise Robert 38 Kiona
Wright, Cecil Irving 40 White Bluffs
Wright, David Franklin 21 Prosser
Wright, Parke A 33 Prosser
Wright, Warren Elsworth 44 Prosser
Wunderlich, Adolph 41 Prosser
Wuth, William Barclay 41 Kennewick
Yabuki, Ikuo 21 Portland, OR
Yamagami, Harry 27 Kennewick
Yamaoka, Ryozo 28 Kennewick
Yandell, Robert Lee 33 Prosser
Yoder, Elmer C 30 Hanford
Yohnka, Alfred Walter 18 Prosser
Yohnka, Noble Ernest 20 Prosser
Yoshino, Heijo 37 Kennewick
Yoshino, Takeziro 42 Kennewick
Yost, James Beverly 40 Kennewick
Youmans, Clifford Locke 34 Prosser
Young, Charles Hugh 24 Prosser
Young, Claude W 34 Prosser
Young, Frank Luther 30 Kennewick
Young, Lyman Talmage 45 Kiona
Young, Tom 20 Prosser
Young, Vernard Alfred 30 Prosser
Young, William 41 Richland
Zachow, Alvin Louis Henry 18 Kennewick
Zachow, Carl Arthur 30 Kennewick
Zane, Albert Herman 43 Hanford
Zenger, Emil 24 Prosser
Zerba, Orie A 44 Kennewick
Ziebarth, Samuel Herman 44 Prosser
Zierdt, Arthur G 33 Kennewick
Zimbrick, Charles 33 Prosser
Znidarsic, Ignac 33 Hanford
Zwanzig, Edwin 19 Kennewick

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