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 +====== Albert H Zane and Isabelle Charles Family ======
 +A brief summation of Albert H. Zane and Isabelle Charles:  
 +Parents: In 1852, Albert’s father, Albert Jackson Zane moved as a child
 +with his family from Ohio to California. (Wife - Minerva and children -
 +Georgia, Clara Bell and Albert Herman).  He later moved to Whatcom Co. in
 +Washington and established a dairy.  Isabelle’s father, Alexander Charles, 
 +was an early pioneer in Whatcom County.
 +Children born between 1899 to 1907 to Albert H. and Isabelle: Alta, 
 +Virginia, Charles Jackson, Jeanelle.
 +Albert H. (Bert) moved with his young family to Hanford, WA in 1909. In
 +Hanford, he first established a livery stable; next was a contracting business
 +to build crushed gravel roads. Later he was awarded a contract to have
 +wells dug for “Soldier Settlement” properties. In 1924, he and family
 +returned to Bellingham to operate the dairy his father had established. 
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