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 +====== Family History Classes ======
 +Free family history classes are offered at the Richland Family History Center.  See the the [[tcgs:Calendar|Calendar]] or the [[tcgs:MonthlyUpdate|Monthly Update]] for the latest classes. 
 +You are not required to sign up, but please do so as a courteous gesture. This allows the center to advise you of last minute changes should they be necessary.   The selection of classes includes:
 +     * **Advanced PAF** -- how to import/export, match/merge, focus/design and other advanced features of the latest Personal Ancestral File computer genealogy program.
 +     * **Beginning PAF** (Personal Ancestry File) -- instruction in data entry, notes, sources, printing, multimedia and other features of the PAC computer genealogy program.
 +    * **Family History Center Resources** -- an overview of research resources available at the Richland FHC and instructions in the use of new CD resources such as Immigration Records, Vital Record, Census Indexes, etc.).    
 +     * **Introduction to Internet Research** -- how to use the extensive resources available on the Internet to find, disseminate and preserve genealogical information.
 +     * **Introduction to Family History Research** -- how to do beginning family history research.
 +     * **Using US Census Records** -- how to use the US Federal Census record and census indexes on the Internet to identify your ancestors.
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