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 ====== Online Resources Available at Family History Centers ====== ====== Online Resources Available at Family History Centers ======
-FamilySearch has arranged for several premium online research services to be available at Family History Centers. +Our website has been updated Visit the [[http://tricitygenealogicalsociety.org/q/|main page]] and refresh your bookmarks.
- +
-Access to these online services is provided through the Family History Center Portal at fhc.familysearch.org and following the instructions provided there. +
- +
-The special access that family history centers have been granted to these databases only works when the online services are accessed through a computer in a Family History CenterPlease note that entering the web sites of these providers through their regular, public URLs will not provide access to the full versions that have been authorized for family history center use. +
- +
-The Family Search Wiki provides the list of [[https://familysearch.org/wiki/en/Family_History_Center_Portal|available sites]].+
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