Local Research Collection

TCGS genealogy classes (one in fall 2007 and one in 2009) have used local families from the 1920s and 1930s as subjects for research. Below is a list of the families investigated where we have collected and written up the research. Typically both a written description and the collection of documents that back the description are available to share with you should one of these families be of interest to you.

Male of Family Female of Family Author Introduction to the Research
Daniel Jairus Burch Ida Matilda Boatman Elaine Wasil found in TCGS Bulletin, Vol 47 #3, Nov 2007
Henry Burgess Carratt Louvina Hooker Janis Littlefield Henry Carratt and Louvina Hooker
(1869-1941 and 1877-1926)
Fay A Davis Thelma L Rogers unknown author Fay Davis and Thelma Rogers Family
(1898-1972 and 1898-1970)
Arthur G Evett Nettie L Greer Steven Robyler Arthur Evett and Nettie Greer Family
(1867-1944 and 1875 - 1978)
Ernest Richard Griner Jennie Horton Joy Dixon Ernest Griner and Jennie Horton Family
(1885-1955 and 1887-1973)
Harry W Kobes Lois V Williams Renee Petersen Harry Kobes and Lois Williams Family
(1898-1991 and 1899-1974)
Archie Smith Alexander McIntyre Audrey Karen Saunders Lisa Rickords Archie McIntyre and Audrey Saunders Family
(1894-1982 and 1899-1995)
Thomas J Orcutt Louisa Turk Anne Kinsey Thomas J Orcutt and Louisa Turk Family
(1867/1870-after 1920 and 1872- )
William B Paulson Edith A Nelson Bob DeLorenzo William B Paulson and Edith A Nelson
(1882-1951 and 1884-1975)
George Thompson Laura May Randall Janis Littlefield George Edward Thompson and Laura May Randall Family
(1873-1962 and 1883-1957)
Albert H Zane Isabelle Charles Jean Roblyer Albert Zane and Isabelle Charles Family
(1875-1932 and 1878-1944)

If you are researching of one of these families, contact the TCGS Researchers via email or regular mail. They can advise you on how much research there is available and how to obtain a copy.

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