Lost and Found -- Identify and Claim

Several TCGS members have found or purchased heirloom items that they couldn't leave where they were – whether it was the antique shop, estate sales or the local library's book exchange room. These items are posted here and announced in our bulletin so possibly they can be discovered.

TCGS would like to share these items with genealogists who belong to these families. If any of these items are of your family, contact the TCGS through the TCGS Researchers and identify yourself relative to appropriate heirloom shown or described on these pages. Please provide details of how you related to the item. We will arrange to get the article to you for the cost of postage. If the person who collected the article incurred a cost in obtaining the article, they would like to be compensated for their original purchase.


Other Memorabilia – Bibles, Memory Books, Plaques

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