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 +===== On-line, Searchable Records =====
 +The Tri-City Genealogical Society has indexed several sets of local records including:
 +  * [[1910 US Census]] for Franklin County, Washington
 +  * [[http://www.tricitygenealogicalsociety.org/PUBLICATIONS/obits/obits.htm|Obituaries]] published in the Tri-City Herald, from January 2000 to the present
 +  * [[World War I Draft Registrations]] for Benton County, Washington
 +  * Reprints of photographs taken by the [[http://www.tricitygenealogicalsociety.org/PUBLICATIONS/Northlight/Northlight.htm|North Light Studio]] of Richland, Washington between 1979 and 2001.  Please note that lookup in this collection is __not__ by the TCGS but instead is through the CREHST museum in Richland.
 +  * [[Forty Year Index]] to our society Bulletin (1961-2000)
 +  * [[Cemetery records]] for the Tri-City area
 +  * [[Multi-Generational Photos]] found in the Tri-City Herald
 +If you find something of interest, email our research committee for assistance.
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