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 +====== Swedish Church Records Available at a Family History Center ======
 +Do you have Swedish ancestry?  The Family History Center Services Portal gives free access to the Swedish Church Records archive through Genline.com.
 +What is the Swedish Church Records archive?
 +Genline's Swedish Church Records archive consists of photographic quality images scanned from microfilm of the original church records. These microfilms are direct copies of the masters kept at the Swedish National Archives in Stockholm.
 +What Swedish Church Records are included in our archive?
 +Our church records archive includes records from the 16th-20th century. These records consist of birth/baptismal, confirmation, marriage, death/burial, church ledgers and household examination rolls. These are the main sources of genealogical information in Sweden. In some cases we will be complementing these church records with those kept by a government agency known as Statistics Sweden (abbreviated as SCB).
 +How were these records obtained?
 +1993 a project was begun in the town of Duved in the Swedish county of J√§mtland. Its purpose was to look at the possibilities of digitalizing Sweden's historical church records and make them available to the general public via the most up to date information technology, and hence the birth of our company Genline AB in 1995.
 +During the 50's and 60's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were in Sweden to film church books that are kept at The Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints left one set of microfilms with The Swedish National Archives. Genline has bought a copy of the microfilms from The Swedish National Archives in order to produce our Swedish Church Records archive. The microfilms contain information from 1500-1860. Some information from 1860-1900 is from Statistics Sweden (SCB).
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