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 +====== Thomas J Orcutt and Louisa Turk Family ======
 +When the class assignment was given out for the 2009 genealogy class I received the T. J. Orcutt
 +children in the 1920 Benton School District 27 census, taken on May 1, 1920.
 +Starting with the 1920 census for Benton County I worked my way back for Thomas and his wife
 +Louisa. I will relate the family history from the oldest entry coming forward to 1930.
 +Thomas J Orcutt according to the 1900 census was born in 1867 but most other records put him
 +born in 1870. His father, Ezra came from New York, his mother from Minnesota. Thomas married
 +Louisa Turk in approximately 1890. She we born in Canada to Mary and Louis Turk.
 +I found Thomas and Louisa in the 1895 Minnesota census, with two children Pearl arriving in 1891
 +and Ruby in 1895. In 1897 the family was in Idaho for the birth of Alice and William. They then
 +went on to the Snohomish, WA area where there was an Ezra and Mary Orcutt living. In November
 +of 1897 Alice dies of whooping cough. In 1900 they are back in Minnesota where Louisa had
 +family. Two weeks after the 1900 census was taken Ezra Orcutt died from an accident. The family
 +returned to Washington state in time for Harry to be born in 1901. Ruby died in 1902 of typhoid
 +In 1910 the family was still in Snohomish and the family had grown by four more children; Jay in
 +1903, Thelma in 1908, Irvin in 1910 and Francis in 1913.
 +Some time between 1910 and 1920 the family moved to the Kiona area where they stayed thru the
 +1930 census. Thomas died before the 1930 census but I could not locate his death record. Son,
 +William in the 1930 census is living next door to his mother who still has Jay and Francis living at
 +home along with Thelma who married Carl Montgomery in 1925 and now has two children, Ronald
 +born in 1928 and Ilene born in 1929. I was unable to find birth records for these children.
 +From the death registration for one of the girls I learned Louisa's maiden name of Turk. There
 +were Turks in Otter Tail Minnesota. I found a Louise Turk at about the right age. Her parents were
 +Louis and Mary. Siblings were Charles, Robert and another brother whose name is unreadable on
 +the 1885 census. In the 1920 census she states she was born in Ontario, Canada.
 +I found the marriage record for Harry and his and Jay's date of death as well as William's World
 +War 1 draft registration. There is still room for much more research on this expanding family. The
 +last piece of information I found is a Pedigree File for Thomas. This research has proved much of
 +the information to be accurate but not a1l of it. A good example of "prove it for yourself".
 +This family endured the hardships of the land, from failed crops in 1900 to a forest fire in 1910 that
 +swept thru Washington, Idaho and on up into Canada. The death of several children was another
 +hardship to endure.
 +In the early 1900's land became available in Eastern Washington and for the first time Thomas
 +listed that he was a farmer not a tenant farmer or hired hand. Here in Benton county the family put
 +down strong roots and here they stayed.
 +For more information contact the [[TCGS Researchers]].
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